PEZzy Links


Max and Donna Austin / PEZville of MidAmerica
PEZ for sale, info, and a great gallery of PEZ photos

Bob Bernacki
Links to all conventions, with actual countdown clocks, past convention pics, links to PEZ guides, new PEZ sightings and new dispensers, and a little about me and my PEZ collection.

Richie Belyski / PEZ Collector's News
Home of the PEZ Collector's Newsletter and the Northeast and Southeast PEZ Conventions


Silvia Biermayr's PEZ Page
Featuring pictures of unique PEZ dispensers and PEZ items, including Admiral, gray Dumbo with white trunk, Mexican with white beard, lots of resin test molds, and other rare PEZ, plus my PEZ for sale list, convention pictures, PEZ Girl pictures, and soon, Kindereggs.

Silvia Biermayr / Linz Gathering

Liz Bradshaw / PEZLiz's Wonderful PEZ Collection
A page dedicated to my hobby/obsession, with photos and a list of my collection. There are PEZzy links, as well as a link to my personal web site!

Bobby Buten / MyPEZQL
The ultimate online PEZ dispenser price guide

Kyle Colburn
A blog of newest additions and any PEZ news out there, other PEZ stories, etc.

David Coon / sPEZifically PEZ
A great site for Vintage PEZ and home of the PEZ Parts House

John 'COOLPEZMAN' Devlin / National PEZ Collectors Convention
COOLPEZMAN hosts the annual National PEZ Convention every year in June.

Robert Dietrich / PfeffErminZ Graphics Fun Page
Free PEZ graphics for your website or desktop.

Gary & Nancy Doss / Burlingame Museum of PEZ Memorabilia
The official site of the
Burlingame Museum of PEZ Memorabilia. Site includes Museum Information, Online Exhibit and ordering of current and classic PEZ dispensers and accessories.


PEZ community gathering and trading website.  Database of Pez dispensers where

users can share photos, organize collections, trade or sell.

Joe Durrant / PEZhead Monthly
PEZhead Monthly is a monthly newsletter focusing on the "what if" side of PEZ. What would happen if one were to interview a PEZ dispenser? What kind of poetry does PEZ inspire? These types of questions, and many more, are answered.

Robin Fierce
Logos from all the PEZ conventions.

Peter Fuhrmeister / Peter PEZmeister

Michael Garavaglia / PEZ Monster
An online store to peruse and purchase PEZ candy dispensers, candy, advertising items, paper advertisements and more!

Jeff Gilligan / got PEZ?
A work in progress with dispensers for sale, collection photos, and links

SJ Glew
Selling PEZ to the world! With both retail and wholesale pricing available.

Official home of the annual PEZamania Convention in Cleveland

Silvio Guidi / The PEZ Zone
Find the PEZ items you've been looking for!  We sell Vintage PEZ Dispensers, current dispensers and PEZ related items.  Anything to do with PEZ!

Tina Gunsauls / PEZ5150
View the PEZ Lamp, photos of my collection, and items for sale.

Dave Hall / Small Town Co
Updated frequently with both current and vintage dispensers for sale.

Jeff Jack
See photos of Jeff's custom candy wrappers and various dispensers, including the rare pink pony.

Ann Jaeger / Canada Candy Connection
Canadian, European PEZ dispensers for sale from the woman formerly known as Ann Long.

Jamie Jones / Mad Hatter's Neverland
Gallery of custom PEZ wrappers - Calendar of the sports PEZ

Chris Jordan / Pez Collectors Store

Online shopping site for PEZ Collectors to buy PEZ candy dispensers. Order current and retired PEZ from the US, Europe, and Japan. Many retired mail-order PEZ and other PEZ related items are for sale in our web store.

Todd Jordan / - Every thing a PEZ collector needs! Full list of PEZ with variations including stem color, copyright, and patent.

Linda Kochenburger - Long Time Pez Dealer & Collector

John LaSpina
Noted PEZ dealer.

Richard Melanson / Showtime Displays

Maheba Merhi / PEZcific Coast Convention
The Los Angeles PEZ Convention Homepage.

Megan Moore / AmeliaPEZGirl
Always a work in progress but feel free to view my collection, learn a little bit more about me and share in the obsession of PEZ collecting.

PA Purple Cow
A have a list of current & discontinued PEZ for sale with photos of the new releases.  We also have slide shows of Conventions we attend.
The official site of the PEZ company with dispensers for sale.

Pezamania PEZ Convention

Pezamania is the largest gathering of PEZ Collectors in the world. Our convention has run consecutively for 18 years. Our site gives all the information about our convention including registration info, itinerary, history and contact information.

PEZHead of The Month

A web page celebrating the winners of the PEZHead of The Month award, as voted by the members of the PEZHeads Online E-mail list. Since 1996!

The PEZ Dance
You've gotta' see it for yourself.

Dale Pike /
Downloads, pics, and links.  Your online resource for Collecting PEZ!

Christian Prejoux
PEZ for sale/trade, some tools to help collectors regarding special series, and collection pictures.

Susan Roberts / Internet PEZ Guide
PEZ pages from across the web, sorted by subject

Gene Schenberg / An Unusual Place for PEZ and Silly Putty
At my site you will find lots of information and things for sale. I have all the PEZ Patents, links to many pages and a good number of photos, including many people from the PEZheads list. Also for sale: candy dispensers, magnets, eyewear cases, and some of the best display cases and shelves available. All this and Silly Putty too!

Rae Schwarz / ReLâCHE PEZ Collection
Rae's PEZ Collection

Kurt Seefeld / POP-A-PEZ

Chris & Leslie Sloan / MN PEZ Convention
All the info you'll need for the annual Minnesota PEZ Convention.

Paul Telford / PEZ Swap
This is a site that allows you to register a list of "wants" and a list of "haves" You can then easily find other collectors to trade with that have what you want, and vice versa. Best of all, its free!

Bob Tipton / The Wonderful World of PEZ
THE master list of every PEZ dispenser known to man, including stem, patent and/or color variations.

David Welch
Author of two (2) PEZ books and noted dealer.

Jason Wolbers / Jason's PEZ Page
The One Stop PEZ Shop for all your PEZ needs. You can get PEZ Wallpaper, PEZ Games, and download the PEZ FAQ.

Rob Yarak / Spectres PEZ Page
"The Variations King." Many photos of Rob's collection and a couple of PEZ links.