List Guidelines


A few simple rules:


The purpose of the PEZheads list is to inform and assist collectors and those interested in PEZ. The list is a forum where all facets of collecting PEZ dispensers are discussed. Everything from what's coming out next, to where to find something, to identifying flea market finds. Quite often, people post messages offering PEZ for sale or trade. The discussions often become quite spirited. Your participation is encouraged.

On PEZheads, like most other subscription email lists, we have a set of guidelines (etiquette and behavior) that we expect all members to follow. These are not anything difficult... more common sense and courtesy than anything. These guidelines are as follows:


1. (AKA The Golden Rule) Be Kind To Each Other! You'll find this a wonderfully warm, friendly, generous electronic community. We're counting on you to keep that spirit alive. There are real people at the receiving ends of your e-mail messages. Treat them as you would like to be treated.

Please keep posts PEZ related. We're here to talk about PEZ. Please do not post messages on any other topic other than PEZ. Messages sent to the list go out to the entire list membership. Make sure your posts are PEZ related. Messages to PEZheads should also be of interest to the group. If your post is really of interest to one or just a few fellow collectors, please send it to them directly.

At times, you will think that you would like to do someone a favor and post a warning about a virus or some other off-topic chat. Don't post it to the list. If you feel strongly about it, send it to your friends privately, or send it to the moderators.

If your post is not 100% PEZ related, you must preface your Subject Line Header with "NPC" (Light PEZ Content).  Please note: The NPC subject header tag was adopted because there was strong desire to lighten up the posting guidelines and allow some less-than-absolutely-PEZ-related threads to be discussed on the list. This also was intended to help give the list a better "community minded" attitude. However, the NPC tag was never intended to allow "I love Coca-Cola and its neat looking can" type of posts. PEZheads is about PEZ! And that should be what is discussed here. Examples of proper NPC type discussions... congratulatory messages, PEZ related fun, contests, charity drives (as long as there is a PEZ connection), list member birthday messages, convention reports, and other similar messages.

Edit your replies to include only the pertinent information that you are replying to. Take the time to create an easy-to-read message. Only quote the part of prior messages you are actually replying to. Don't include excessive text. It is especially tedious for readers when new content is added to the top of a message being replied to, and nothing from the original message is cut, not even the original .signature file. That's also a waste of bandwidth and storage space. If you are including a link (URL), send it to yourself first, to ensure that it works.

5. When promoting or posting about a PEZ website, please include a brief description... not just the link. Limit website promotion posts to once per week.

Sales lists are limited to one list post per week per list member. We find that posting more often causes people to auto-delete your messages.

Be aware that our group settings on Yahoo Groups do not allow for email attachments, and they are automatically stripped from the posts.

No vulgar language or profanity. PEZ Collectors come in all ages and from all walks of life. Some of us are younger than we look in type. Refer to the Golden Rule, above.

Note to Parents: While we enforce these standards of behavior on PEZHeads, on rare occasions there may be a reference to something that you may not approve of or want your child to see. Our advice regarding access to the Internet by children is that you should supervise their activities. You be the censor.

No SPAM. We also do not allow the culling of list member's email address for any reason. If you do this, you will be removed and permanently banned from our list.

No "Flame" messages... we will not allow the list to be used as a weapon against other people... whether they are a list member or not. Should you happen to have a conflict with another list member, an eBay seller, or anyone else, and you choose to post about the conflict without contacting a moderator, you will likely be removed from the list.   There are always two sides to a story, and we do not permit character assassination or flame wars on the PEZHeads List.   If you have a question about a deal, or a dealer, bring it to a moderator first.

No "Me, too" messages. Add to the discussion in a meaningful way.