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Pink Barkina Brown

Barkina Brown and her male counterpart Barky Brown are characters originally created for Australia's New South Wales Animal Welfare League as a fundraising item.

Dispenser Information

Based on

Australian Animal Welfare League creation. Since 2015, they have benefitted Save Our Strays of Australia.


There have been a number of distinct Barkina Brown releases:

  • Barkina "Victorian Brushfire/Black Saturday" Benefit Set of 4 (2009) - Black, Gold, Silver or White print on red stems
  • Easter (2010) - Pink glitter head
  • Halloween (2010) - Glow in the dark head on an orange stem
  • Christmas (2010) - Clear glitter heads on a red stem
  • Valentine's Day (2011) - Pink head on a printed pink stem printed with a bear, hearts and the words "Valentines Day"
  • Easter (2011) - Pink printed stems
  • Halloween (2011) - Glow-in-the-dark head on an orange stem with printed spiderwebs and pumpkins
  • Christmas (2011) - Similar to 2010 Barkina, but with printed stem with Santa, tree & present
  • Valentine's Day (2013) - Pink crystal head on pink stem printed with hearts and cherubs
  • Easter (2013) - Pink printed stem
  • Halloween (2013) - Orange and black printed stems
  • Australia Day (2015) - Clear sparkly head on a yellow stem printed with a kangaroo, the release date and an Australian phrase
  • Halloween (2015) - White head on a yellow stem printed with bats and a haunted house
  • Christmas (2015) - Clear head on a green stem printed with a reindeer and the words "Merry Xmas"

Years Produced

2009 - current


All Barkina dispensers have feet

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