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[[File:MOC-US-UConn.jpg|thumb|NCAA University of Connecticut]]
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* Connecticut Suns
* Connecticut Suns
<gallery caption="NCAA Basketball Dispensers" heights="320px" perrow="5">
File:MOC-Basketball-NorthCarolina.jpg|[[:Category:Sports|NCAA North Carolina]]
File:US-MOC-Ohio-Basketball.jpg|[[:Category:Sports|NCAA Ohio State (Basketball)]]
File:MOC-US-Syracuse.jpg|[[:Category:Sports|NCAA Syracuse]]
File:MOC-US-UConn.jpg|[[:Category:Sports|NCAA University of Connecticut]]
File:US-MOC-UK-Basketball.jpg|[[:Category:Sports|NCAA University of Kentucky]]
==Years Produced==
==Years Produced==

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NCAA University of Connecticut

Basketball is a generic orange mold printed to look like a basketball that has been released with several team logos over the years.

Dispenser Information

Some dispensers were game-day promotional giveaways at the respective games (usually free with a paid ticket), while others were available at retail as promotional items.


Logo variations only.


  • New Jersey Nets
  • Orlando Magic
  • Seattle Supersonics
  • Washington Mystics (white ball)
  • Washington Wizards


  • Ohio State
  • Syracuse University
  • University of Connecticut
  • University of Kentucky
  • University of North Carolina
  • University of North Carolina (printed stem version - "National Champions 2009")

PEZ Sportz

  • PEZ Sportz (2003)
  • PEZ Sportz (PEZ logo only - 2007 euro release)


  • Connecticut Suns


Years Produced

2003 - current


With feet

Patents & Countries

Information needed



Other Dispensers

Same Mold