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Glow-in-the-dark Bubbleman

Bubbleman is a premium dispenser only available through a mail-in-offer.

Dispenser Information

Based on

Original PEZ, Inc. creation


  • Original
  • Crystal
  • Glowing
  • Golden
  • Neon

Years Produced

  • Original: 1996
  • Crystal: 1999
  • Glowing: Information needed
  • Golden: Information needed
  • Neon: 1998


With feet

Patents & Countries

Information needed


  • Regular: Blue, Lime green, Red, Pink, Yellow
  • Crystal: Green, Orange, Red, Pink, Yellow
  • Glowing: Pink, White
  • Neon: Green, Orange, Red, Pink, Yellow

Interesting Information

Bubbleman was the first dispenser to be sold via mail-in premium offer.

Licenced Products