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Crystal is a term referring to dispensers with transparent heads, either clear or in the normal color of that dispenser. Contrary to the name, the heads are not made of lead crystal, but transparent plastic. Some crystal dispensers, whether clear or colored, have painted features as well.

Availability of Crystal Pez

Crystal Pez were only available initially as premiums, sold through mail-order, on the Pez web site or at the Visitor Center. However, some crystal dispensers have been sold individually to the public. In recent years, several sets of crystal dispensers have been available in collector's tins.

Dispensers With Crystal Versions


  • Worm (clear and pink crystal)


Emergency Heroes

  • K-9


Hello Kitty

  • Hawaiian Hello Kitty
  • Hello Kitty with Cathy

Kooky Zoo

  • Hippo (clear & blue crystal)


  • Bubbleman
  • Psychedelic Eye


  • Barkina Brown
  • Barky Brown

Boxed sets

  • Hello Kitty
    • Regular series
    • 40th Anniversary
  • Star Wars