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3.9 Fireman A
5.9 Black Fireman B, a.k.a. "Frank"
5.9 White Fireman B, a.k.a. "Fred"

Fireman is a generic dispenser depicting the typical first responder job.

Dispenser Information

Based on

Original PEZ, Inc. creation


  • Fireman A was originally released as part of the PEZ Pals series in the 1960's.
    • A remake of the A version was released in the 2000's with a clear crystal head.
  • Fireman B, a complete redesign of the character, was released in 2003 as part of the Emergency Heroes set. This Fireman can be found with both light and dark skin tones.
    • Black fireman: a.k.a. "Frank the Fireman"
    • White fireman: a.k.a. "Fred the Fireman"
  • Fireman C was released in 2014 as part of the Pez Heroes set.

Years Produced

  • A: 1960's
  • B: 2003
  • C: 2014


  • Fireman A comes on stems with no feet and with feet
  • All other Fireman dispensers have feet.

Patents & Countries

  • 2.6, 3.8, 3.9, 4.9, 5.9, 7.5
  • Austria, Brazil (A), Hong Kong, Slovenia (B), USA, Yugoslavia


  • A: Red, Yellow
  • B: Red
  • C: Dark Blue

Interesting Information

The Construction worker dispenser also came in two skin tones, with a Black Construction worker and a White Construction worker.