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Garfield A
Garfield with Teeth
Garfield with Visor
Sleepy Garfield
Aviator Garfield
Chef Garfield

Dispenser Information

Based on

Garfield by Jim Davis


The earliest revisions of this dispenser (Garfield A and Garfield with Teeth) can be found with numerous minor variations in paint and facial detail. The ears can have different levels of paint detail and the mouth can be found in several slightly different shades of white or yellow.

The series was updated in the late 1990s to add three new styles — Chef, Aviator and Sleepy Garfield.

Years Produced

Late 1980s - 1990s


Yes. Early versions can be found with both thin and thick feet.

Patents & Countries

3.9, 4.9. Austria, China, Hong Kong, Hungary, Slovenia


Orange, Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue.