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Inserts are small printed material found in the packaging of individual Pez dispensers.

Information About Inserts

There are several different types of inserts found in Pez that are packaged in plastic bags (MIB).

Collecting Pez

  • "Want to collect more Pez dispensers like this one?" (Yellow)
  • Different activities on the back of each

Dispenser Filling Instructions

  • No text (Red)
  • With text (Blue)

Fun Facts

There are 28 different "Fun Facts" and three series of graphics for the back of the insert.

  • Series 1: Candy on back
  • Series 2: Visitor Center exterior on back (Blue background)
  • Series 3: Pez Boy / Visitor Center interior on back (Yellow & blue background)

Japanese Dispensers

  • Hello Kitty

Ordering Pez

Order forms for regular Pez dispensers.

Special Offers

Order forms for dispensers only available through special offers, such as the Psychedelic Eye and Psychedelic Flower.

Visitor Center Premiums - Stickers

Come in the bag for the respective "blank" dispensers. Back is blue Dispenser Filling Instructions (see above) with text.

  • Visitor Center Globe
  • Visitor Center Puck
  • Visitor Center Truck