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* Blue, red, yellow, green, grey, purple.
* Blue, red, yellow, green, grey, purple.
==Other Dispensers=
=Other Dispensers=
==Mice and Rats==
==Mice and Rats==

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4.9 Merlin Mouse

Merlin Mouse

Dispenser Information

Based on

Looney Tunes character Merlin the Magic Mouse


There are no major mold variations, however this character can be found both with and without painted eyes. The painted version features a white eye with small black dot in the center while the unpainted version omits the white.

Years Produced

1980's - 1990's


Both no feet and with feet

Patents & Countries

  • 3.9, 4.9
  • Austria, Hong Kong, Hungary, Slovenia, Yugoslavia


  • Dark brown (common)
  • Blue, red, yellow, green, grey, purple.

Other Dispensers

Mice and Rats