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* © Patrafico AG 2000
* © Patrafico AG 2000
* Green hat
* Green hat
* Blue, Green, Purple and Red stems
* Blue, Green, Purple and Red stems

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Party Favors are sets of licensed Pez products featuring likenesses of actual Pez dispensers.

Sets of Party Favors

Each set of party favors contains four characters and four packs of assorted candy. While the party favors can hold candy and appear to be mini Pez dispensers, they do not have the sleeve and spring mechanism like authentic dispensers and are not produced by the PEZ company.


  • Bunny E, Hippo, Lamb, Panda
  • © Patrafico AG 2000


  • Green hat
  • Blue, Green, Purple and Red stems


  • Ant, Bee, Centipede, Ladybug
  • © Patrafico AG 2000

Coach Whistle

  • Blue stem with red/white whistle
  • Fuschia stem with white/yellow whistle
  • Red stem with yellow/blue whistle
  • Yellow stem with blue/red whistle

Peter PEZ

  • Blue, Fuchsia, Green and Red stems


The Simpsons

  • Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge


  • Four different colors