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5.9 Peter PEZ B
4.9 Peter PEZ A "Rico" variation

Peter PEZ is the unofficial PEZ mascot appearing on numerous advertising and display items throughout the company's history.

Dispenser Information

Based on

Original PEZ, Inc. creation


  • Version A was originally released in the 1970's with red lips.
    • A remake with updated stencils was released in the early 1990's. This re-release has purple lips.
  • Version B features a restyled head with more cartoon-like features and was available as a glow-in-the-dark in certain color combinations.

The common variations of version A have the word PEZ stenciled across the hat. An unusual variation exists with the word "Rico" on the hat. This was intended for Spanish speaking markets where "Pez" translates as fish -- "rico" translates as "tasty" or "delicious".

Years Produced

1970's - current


Patents & Countries

  • 3.9, 4.9, 5.9
  • Austria, China, Hong Kong, Slovenia


Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, Neon Yellow

Licensed Products

Peter Pez also comes on a variety of licensed products, including:

Other Dispensers


  • Bozo the Clown
  • Clown Whistle
  • Clown with Hat
  • Long Face Clown