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3.9 Policeman A
5.9 Policeman B

Dispenser Information

Based on

Original PEZ, Inc. creation.


Policeman A, B. Remake A.

First introduced as part of the PEZ Pals series in the 1970s, this dispenser was redesigned in the early 2000s and reissued as Policeman B as part of the Emergency Heroes set. A remake of Policeman A was produced in a limited edition crystal head in the 2000s.

Years Produced

1960s (A) 2000s - current (B, Remake A)


No (A). Yes (B, Remake A)

Patents & Countries

2.6, 3.4, 3.8, 3.9. Austria, Hong Kong, Spain, USA (A) 4.9, 5.9 Hungary (B)


Blue. Yellow (Spain)