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Pony-Go-Round is a multicolored pony from the Circus series.

2.6 NF Pony

Dispenser Information

Based on

This is not a licensed character, and is an original PEZ design. The Circus series also includes Clown with collar, Clown with chin, Big top elephant, Giraffe, Gorilla, Roar the lion, Little lion, Monkey sailor, and Mimic the Monkey.


There are no major versions, but the pony was released in many different color combinations, making it highly desirable among collectors. The most common color is an orange head with a blue mane, and a white bridle. A soft rubber mane as well as a wide nose variation are extremely hard to find.

Head color Mane color Bridle color
Light blue White Red
Blue Blue White
Blue White Red
Blue White White
Brown Blue Black
Brown Cream Black
Brown White Red
Caramel Blue Black
Caramel Cream Black
Caramel Cream White
Caramel Cream Red
Caramel White Red
Green Orange White
Green Lavender White
Orange Blue Black
Orange Blue Red
Orange Blue White
Orange-Brown Navy Blue White
Pink Green Red
Pink Green Purple
Pink Green White
Pink Black White
Purple Black White
Yellow Purple White

Years Produced

Pony-Go-Round was released in 1970. Since there are footed ponies, they were apparently still being produced when feet were introduced in the mid eighties.


Pony-Go-Round is most commonly found on a non-footed stem, but the orange head/blue mane/white bridle variation can occasionally be found with feet.

Patents & Countries

2.6, 3.4, 3.8, 3.9. Austria, USA


Lots of stem colors, including red, yellow, blue, and light blue.

Licensed Products