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'''Psychedelic Eye''' is a hand holding an eyeball.
'''Psychedelic Eye''' is a hand holding an eyeball.
[[File:NF-49-Yellow-Black-PsychedelicHand.jpg|thumb|right|4.9 Psychedelic Eye B]]
=Dispenser Information=
=Dispenser Information=

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Psychedelic Eye is a hand holding an eyeball.

4.9 Psychedelic Eye B

Dispenser Information


There are two main variations of this dispenser, A and B.

Psychedelic Eye A had 2 different colored hands, a black hand and a flesh hand. Both dispensers had an eyeball with a green iris. These dispensers have stems that have at least one blank side to which a sticker was affixed. The black version always had just one sticker, where the flesh version was available in one sticker and two sticker versions. There were four different stickers that could be found on these dispensers:

  • Mod Pez
  • Go Go Pez
  • Luv Pez (2 versions)

Psychedelic Eye B is often referred to as the "remake". They were available in black and flesh, five different crystals (clear, purple, green, yellow, and blue), two misfits (also called the Glew Misfits, a fluorescent yellow and a fluorescent pink). There are also several different test with different colored hands or eye iris colors. Most of the eyeballs on these dispensers were white with a green iris. The crystals had glow in the dark eyeballs. The misfits had eye irises that matched their stem color (the yellow hand had a pink iris, the pink hand had a yellow iris.

The difference between the A and B is that the B has a thumbtab and a copyright that says "1967 Pez".

Years Produced

Psychedelic Eye A was produced in the late 1960's. Psychedelic Eye B was produced in the late 1990s through the early 2000s.


Both Psychedelic Eye A and B are no-feet dispensers.

Patents & Countries

All Psychedelic Eye As are 2.6 Austria stems, except the 2-sticker version, which has no patent or country information. All Psychedelic Eye Bs are 4.9 Hungary stems.


Psychedelic Eye As were sold both in cello and in vending boxes. Included in the package were "flower" flavored Pez candies, which was exclusive to this series.

Psychedelic Bs were available on a Limited Edition card.

The Misfit Psychedelic B's were available on european striped cards.

Other Interesting Information

The same mold used for the Psychedelic Eye B has also been used for other dispensers, such as the FX and Linz convention dispensers.

With the exception of the misfit, the Psychedelic B's were sold directly from Pezco through inserts and their website.

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