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Puck is a Pez dispenser in the shape of a hockey puck (disc) at the top of the stem.

Example of a Slovenia Convention dispenser

Puck Information

The puck design has only rarely been used for a hockey team dispenser, being more frequently found as a charity or convention dispenser.

Based on

An original PEZ creation, based on the shape of a hockey puck.

Regular and Charity Dispensers

  • DEG Metro Stars - German Ice Hockey team
  • Flyers Wives - Fund-raiser dispenser
  • Blank puck with stickers - Visitor Center Premiums
  • Skull and Crossbones - European release, came packaged in a bag with several packages of PEZ and an eye patch
  • Various convention dispensers - Some versions "homemade" by convention organizers by gluing a coin or sticker to the puck, others are packaged & endorsed by PEZ
  • Freemasons - homemade release by a collector
  • PEZ Sportz
  • Rolling Stones logo - 3 color variations