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* Fire (mask)
* Fire (mask)
* Flyers Wives [[fund-raiser]] dispenser
* Ice (mask)
* Ice (mask)
* NHL Zamboni
* NHL Zamboni
* [[Puck]]
* SC Bern
==Licensed Products==
* Hockey Player [[Body Parts]]

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Boston Bruins Stanley Cup (MOC)

Stanley Cup is a set of dispensers depicting the National Hockey League's championship trophy.

Dispenser Information

The Stanley Cup dispenser features the "original six" teams of the National Hockey League. These dispensers were only sold at retail in Canada.

Based on

The Stanley Cup trophy given annually to the winning team of the National Hockey League playoffs.


The stem of each dispenser is printed with the last year the team won the Stanley Cup (as of the time the dispensers were issued).

  • Boston Bruins: Silver stem with "B" logo, "2010-2011" printed on stem
  • Chicago Blackhawks: Black stem with Native American logo, "2009-2010" printed on stem
  • Detroit Red Wings: Blue stem with winged wheel logo, "2007-2008" printed on stem
  • Montreal Canadiens: Red stem with "CH" logo, "1992-93" printed on stem
  • New York Rangers: Blue stem with shield logo, "1993-94" printed on stem
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: White stem with maple leaf logo, "1966-67" printed on stem

Years Produced



With feet

Patents & Countries

7.5 / China


See Variations, above.

Other Dispensers


  • Fire (mask)
  • Flyers Wives fund-raiser dispenser
  • Ice (mask)
  • NHL Zamboni
  • Puck
  • SC Bern

Licensed Products