Tasmanian Devil

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Tazmanian Devil(MOC)

Tasmanian Devil, or "Taz," is an animated character in the Warner Brothers cartoons.

Dispenser Information

Based on

The real-life Tasmanian Devil animal. To accent the "devil" aspect of its nature, the animated character has tufts of fur on its head resembling the Devil's horns and moves in a tornado-like twirl, like a "dust devil."


  • A: Brown stem, teeth showing in red mouth
    • Pointy hairs (1996)
    • Rounded hairs (2000)
  • B: Cool Looney Tunes (1999): "Cycling Taz" with bicycle helmet, red stem
  • C: Back in Action (2004): "African Taz" with pith helmet, tiger stripes on yellow stem
  • D
    • a: Tweety and Taz (2008): Mouth full of teeth, I SK8 printed on yellow stem
    • b: Looney Tunes Active! (2013): Mouth full of teeth
  • E: Tweety and Taz (2008): Upper teeth with tongue, yellow symbols printed on Orange stem
  • F: World Cup Looney Tunes (2006): Eyes closed, soccer ball in teeth, ball and net printed on light blue stem

Years Produced

1996 - 2013. See variations for individual production years.


With feet

Patents & Countries

  • 4.9 / Austria, Hungary, No Country (IMC 1 & 5), Slovenia
  • 5.9 / Hungary, Slovenia (UDR)
  • 7.5 / Hungary


  • Brown, Neon Pink, Neon Red, Neon Yellow, Orange, Red, Yellow
  • See variations for individual stem colors.