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"Charming Tweety" (MOC)

Tweety is an animated bird in the Warner Brothers cartoons.

Dispenser Information

Tweety is also called "Tweety Bird" or "Tweety Pie." The name is both a play on the word "sweetie" and a reference to the "tweet" sound that birds make.

Based on

A real-life Yellow canary


  • A:
    • a: Blue Eyes, Black Pupils
    • b: Blue Eyes, No Pupils
    • c: Blue Pupils
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:
  • E: 2008
    • Stem printing: Tweety! with white flowers on pink stem
    • Stem printing: Tweety! on light blue stem
    • Stem printing: Tweety! with flowers
  • F: Looney Tunes Active!
  • G: Looney Tunes Active!
  • Back in Action "French Tweety"
  • Cool Looney Tunes "Charming Tweety"
  • Football Looney Tunes "Football Fan Tweety"

Years Produced

Information included with dispenser variation, above.


Patents & Countries

  • 3.4 /
  • 3.9 /
  • 4.9 /
  • 5.9 /
  • 7.5 /


Information included with dispenser variation, above.

Fun Facts