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===Heart Colors===
===Heart Colors===
* Crystal Pink
* [[Crystal]] Pink
* Crystal Red
* Milky Pink [[Crystal]]
* [[Crystal]] Red
* Neon Pink
* Neon Pink
* Pink
* Pink

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Valentine Heart is a holiday dispenser with hundreds of variations.

Red "Smile" heart
Pink "Sweet" heart
Purple "Dream" heart
Crystal pink "XOXO" heart
Crystal red "Smile" heart

Dispenser Information

Based on

Original PEZ, Inc. creation.


First released in the late 1990's in two simple variations (red & pink heart, both on red stems), these quickly exploded in subsequent years, bringing variations to the colors of the heart, the stem colors and stem printing and -most importantly- to the phrases printed on the heart.

The most recent (late 2000's) release included 13 different sayings in addition to the original "Happy Valentine's Day" on 5 different color hearts, 5 different color stems, 3 different color fonts and 2 different font styles.

Although not every possible combination of the above has been produced, there are hundreds of unique versions for those who choose to consider every variation detail.

Heart Colors

Printed Sayings

  • Be Mine
  • Best Friends
  • Best Freinds (note misspelling - this is a relatively common error)
  • Dream
  • Happy Valentine's Day
  • I ♥ U
  • I Choose U
  • I Choose You
  • Prince
  • Princess
  • Smile
  • Sugar Sugar
  • Sweet
  • U R Special
  • XOXO

Years Produced

Late 1990's to current


All Valentine hearts have no feet, despite the fact that other dispensers produced at the same time had feet.

Patents & Countries


  • Colors: Light Pink (unusual), Red, Neon Pink, White
  • Printing: White hearts, pink hearts, purple hearts, red hearts
  • There is an error stem available on the original Valentine hearts that is missing the first T in Patent.

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