Eerie spectres

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Eerie Spectres

Eerie Spectres, from left: Zombie, Spook, Vamp, Scarewolf, Air Spirit, Diabolic

Dispenser Information

Based on

Original design by Pez Inc.


There are six different Eerie Spectre characters: Zombie, Spook, Vamp, Scarewolf, Air Spirit and Diabolic.

Heads can be marked either "Hong Kong" or "Made in Hong Kong". The molds for each have slight differences and the head colors of "Hong Kong" vs "Made in Hong Kong" are significantly different. The face details on all Eerie Spectres are hand-painted and can vary considerably.

Years Produced

These dispenser were released between 1978-79.


They will always be no feet (NF).

Patents & Countries

USA, 3.8


Many color stems including Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, Black and Orange.