Just what is a PDOJ? The abbreviation stands for PEZzy Dance of Joy.... but there's just so much more to it than that. If you want a "bare bones" definition, that would be it.

A PDOJ is a dance that comes from your heart. The name for the dance has its origin with the beginning of the PEZheads list. The spirit of the dance, however, has its origins dating back long, long ago. In the ancient times, there were no beautiful PEZ dispensers for the ancients to collect. So, we assume they collected other things, such as rocks and sticks. Well, when you find *just* the rock you've been looking for, your soul just cries out for the body to dance!


As you can see in this photo, the UDOJ dates back to at least 1915 when this photo was taken. This picture demonstrates the *Unspecified* Dance of Joy.





In 1986, there was an American Sitcom called "Perfect Strangers" which made the Dance of Joy a household name. Click *here* for audio of the Dance as it aired on TV. Quite logically, the PEZheads adopted the name of our own "PEZzy" Dance of Joy as the moniker of our spirited Dance of Celebration.

A PDOJ is a dance that is sparked by the acquisition of a new PEZ. When you hold the PEZ in your hands, your heart starts racing, you toes start tapping, your arms start flailing... you care little about who is watching and what they are thinking. You find that you don't consciously think about the Dance, you just do it. Personally, my PDOJ is always done with arms up, turning clockwise. I suppose I would have to turn counterclockwise if I ever found myself doing a PDOJ south of the Equator.... but for now, clockwise is the way it's done. The true application of a PDOJ *must* be done with the PEZ in hand that sparked the Dance! To PDOJ before an item is actually obtained is to PPDOJ (Prematurely PDOJ). Should you PPDOJ, you could risk heartbreak and disappointment if a PEZ, once received, does not meet your expectations. Best to play it conservative and wait for the real deal.

The PDOJ is done in many forms. There is the abbreviated "I have to act casual because people are looking" Dance. This is usually demonstrated when trying to play it cool at a flea market or garage sale. There is the full-scale "I just won a Batman Softhead PEZ in a raffle!" Dance. This is usually demonstrated at a PEZ convention or PEZ meeting, surrounded by a support group of other collectors (who are often exhibiting their jealous side). And there are many, many levels of the Dance in between. One very popular Dance is the "I just found a <insert name of any current> PEZ at <insert name of the usual haunts> and it's been *forever* since I actually found it myself instead of paying a premium to buy it on eBay" Dance. Man, that one feels GOOD!


Shown here is what I imagine Snoopy does as his "Joe Cool PDOJ".

A PEZhead once asked "What song do you hear in your head when you're doing the PDOJ?" What a great question! The answer to this question varies by collector, dispenser, mood, location, etc. It varies just as much as the actual dance steps. I've heard such songs as "Hooked on a Feeling", "Hey Ladies", "Theme to Peanuts", "Theme to Bugs Bunny", "Ray of Light", etc. Your song will be the one that's in your head at that time.

Instructions offered on this page are merely one PEZhead's technique. My technique comes from my heart. Your PDOJ will come from your heart.

Dance your own heart's dance. And ENJOY it!

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