The following timeline shows the initial release year for each PEZ dispenser. "Collecting PEZ" by David Welch was used as the reference source for the timeline information prior to 1994. Please note that there is a one-year margin of error.
Year Dispenser

PEZ Box Regulars

1953 U.S. Zone Germany Regulars
1954 Advertising Regulars
1955 Full Body Santa, Full Body Space Trooper, and Golden Glow
1956 Space Gun and Witch Regular
1957 Witch A and Personalized Regular
1958 Santa A, Popeye A, and Easter Bunny A
1959 Spaceman
1960 Bozo, Casper, Arithmetic, Popeye B, and Casper Die-cut
1961 Easter Bunny Die-cut, Bozo Die-cut, Donald Duck A, Donald Duck Die-cut, Clown with Collar, Mickey Mouse Die-cut with painted face, Mickey Mouse Die-cut with die-cut face, Mickey Mouse A (die-cut face), and Mickey Mouse B (painted face)
1962 Lion's Club, Astronaut A, Easter Bunny B, and Pinocchio A
1963 Pluto A, Cocoa Marsh, Easter Bunny C (Fat Ears), and Bullwinkle
1964 Football Player and Baseball Glove
1965 Frankenstein A, Wolfman A, Creature of the Black Lagoon A, Practical Pig A, Li'l Bad Wolf, Candy Shooter, Zorro with Logo, Santa B, Mexican PEZpal, Boy with Cap, and Sailor PEZpal
1966 Batman with Cape, Goofy A, Brutus, and Olive Oyl
1967 Snow White, Dopey, Mowgli, Baloo, King Louie, Green Hornet, Lion, and Monkey Sailor
1968 Psychedelic Flower and Psychedelic Hand
1969 Peter Pan, Tinkerbelle, and Captain Hook
1970 Chick in Egg A (no hat), Sparefroh, Witch C, One-Eyed Monster, Octopus, Mr. Ugly, Santa C with Loop, Angel with Loop, Indian Chief, Circus Elephants with Hair, Maharajah PEZpal, Pirate PEZpal, Policeman PEZpal, Doctor PEZpal, Nurse PEZpal, Fireman PEZpal, Girl, Little Lion, and Pony-Go-Round
1971 Hippo, Indian Brave, and Mickey Mouse C
1972 Alpine PEZpal, Make-A-Face, Knight PEZpal, Sheik PEZpal, and Dr. Skull A
1973 Duck with Flower, Cow A, Raven, Cat with Derby, Panda A (removable pieces), Mary Poppins, Cowboy, Pinocchio B, and Jiminy Cricket
1974 Asterix, Obelix, Mueslix, and Snowman A
1975 Uncle Sam, Betsy Ross, Captain (Paul Revere), Pilgrim, Daniel Boone, Wounded Soldier, Indian Squaw, Stewardess, Pilot, Engineer PEZpal, Bride PEZpal, Groom PEZpal, Clown with Chin, Cockatoo, Ringmaster PEZpal, Gorilla, Practical Pig B, and Crazy Fruit Orange
1976 Olympic Snowman, Creature B, Cow B, Circus Elephant with Flat Hat, Circus Elephant with Pointy Hat, Mimic the Monkey, Yappy the Dog, Roar (Lion with Crown), Rooster, Lamb, Chick with Egg B (with hat), Giraffe, and Crocodile
1977 Astronaut B, Duck Nephews, Dumbo, Uncle Scrooge, and Sheriff PEZpal
1978 Bugs Bunny A, Sylvester A, Tweety A, Daffy Duck A, Merlin Mouse, Speedy Gonzales A, Winnie the Pooh, Creature C, Rudolph, Panther, Chip, Dalmatian Pup, Thumper, Spiderman A (removable eyes), Thor, Hulk A (dark green), and Captain America
1979 Batman Softhead (SH), Batgirl SH, Penguin SH, Joker SH, Wonderwoman SH, Mickey Mouse SH, Donald Duck SH, Pluto SH, Goofy SH, Dumbo SH, Captain Hook SH, Spook Eerie Spectres (ES), Air Spirit ES, Zombie ES, Scarewolf ES, Vamp ES, Diabolic ES, Truck A, Truck B, Coaches Whistles, Popeye C, Crazy Fruit Pineapple, Crazy Fruit Pear, and Peter PEZ A
1980 Droopy Dog A, Tyke A, Spike A, Tom A, Jerry A, Barney Bear, Foghorn Leghorn, Roadrunner A, Wile E. Coyote, Petunia Pig, Cool Cat, Henry Hawk, Lamb Merry Music Maker (MMM) (U.S.A. Whistles), Duck MMM, Rooster MMM, Dog MMM, Pig MMM, and Donkey MMM, Camel MMM, Clown MMM, and Rhino MMM
1981 Pumpkin A with die-cut face, Snowman B, Frog Merry Music Makers (MMM Foreign issue), Koala MMM, Owl MMM, Panda A MMM, Wonderwoman A (raised star on headband), and Truck C
1982 Annie, Space Gun, and Worlds Fair (Knoxville, TN)
1983 Mickey Mouse D
1984 Donkey Kong Jr., Vucko - Olympic Wolves, and PIF
1986 Smurf A
1987 Stand By Me PEZpal Boy
1988 Garfield
1989 Papa Smurf A, Smurfette A, Mickey Mouse E, Donald Duck B, Goofy C, and Pluto B
1990 Easter Bunny D, Panda B, Garfield with Visor, Arlene, Nermel, Garfield with Teeth A, Charlie Brown (with smile, tongue, frown, or eyes closed), Lucy, Woodstock, Snoopy (open eyes), Indian Merry Music Maker (MMM), Monkey MMM, Panda B MMM, Parrot MMM, Penguin MMM, and Tiger MMM
1991 Truck D, Witch D, Skull B, Pumpkin B (small head), Snowman C, Spiderman B, Hulk B, Wonderwoman B, Scrooge McDuck B, Icee Bear A, Daffy Duck B, Kermit the Frog A, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, and Miss Piggy A (eyelashes)
1992 Webby Duck, Bouncer Beagle, Gyro Gearloose, Jerry C, Spike B, Droopy Dog B, Tuffy A, Sylvester B, and Tweety B
1993 Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, Pebbles Flintstone, Dino, Tom C, and Peter PEZ B
1994 PEZpal Boy B (no extra holes in head), PEZpal Girl B (no extra holes in head), Tuffy B, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) Donatello Smiling, TMNT Leonardo Smiling, TMNT Michaelangelo Smiling, TMNT Raphael Smiling, TMNT Donatello Angry, TMNT Leonardo Angry, TMNT Michaelangelo Angry, TMNT Raphael Angry, and Garfield with Teeth B
1995 Bugs Bunny B, Daffy Duck C, Speedy Gonzales B, Chick in Egg C, Jerry D, Tuffy C, He-Saur, She-Saur, Fly-Saur, I-Saur, and Regular B (blue, fuscia, grey, red, yellow, and white)
1996 Batman Dark Knight A (sharp pointed ears), Sylvester C, Tazmanian Devil A, Yosemite Sam, Valentines Heart, Santa C with Painted Eyes, and Donald Duck C
1997 Alpine Boy, Aral Boy, Pilot Boy, and Shell Man, Mariner Boy, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck D, Dewey Duck Nephew B, Louie Duck B, Huey Duck, Goofy D, Mickey Mouse F, Minnie Mouse, Pluto C, Jerry E, Tom D, Tuffy D, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, Yoda, C-3PO, Bubblegum Boy A, Kooky Zoo Crocodile, Kooky Zoo Hippo, Kooky Zoo Koala, Kooky Zoo Elephant, Blinky Bill, Neon Santa C, Pink Panther, Ant, Aardvark, Inspector Clouseau, Smurf B, Papa Smurf B, Smurfette B, Brainy Smurf, Gargamel (Smurf), and Miss Piggy B
1998 Garfield C, Garfield Pilot, Garfield Chef, Garfield Lazy, Odie, Pumpkin C (large head), Slimy Sid Glowing Ghost (GG), Naughty Nell GG, Happy Henry GG, Polly Pumpkin GG, Bubblegum Boy B (neon), Asterix B, Muselix B, Obelix B, Roman Soldier, Panda C (rounded thick ears), Psychedelic Eye B (white and black hands, and neon yellow and pink hands), Mario, Koopa Trooper, Diddy Kong, Yoshi, Icee Bear B, Batman Dark Knight B (rounded ears), "Pinky" the Elephant, "David W" the Lion, Brown Bear, Black Bear, Skull C (Diablo), Tex-Mex Santa C, "D.E.T.Y.S." Snowman (red and yellow head), "VooDoo Mama" Witch (black and yellow face),  Pal "S" Pilot Glow in the Dark (GD), Pal "M" Shell GD, Pal "J" Alpine GD, Aral Boy "Tow Head" (blonde hair), Aral Boy "Carrot-Top" (red hair), Shell Boy "Brownie" (brown hair), Shell Boy "Grey" (grey hair), Shell Boy "Goldie" (gold hair), Shell Boy "Whitey" (white hair), Crystal (CR) Kooky Zoo Elephant, CR Kooky Zoo Lion, CR Kooky Zoo Hippo, CR Kooky Zoo Alligator, Crystal (CR) Ghosts Slimy Sid, CR Ghosts Naughty Nell, CR Ghosts Happy Henry, and CR Ghosts Polly Pumpkin
1999 Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Ewok, Boba Fett, Jack-In-The-Box, Slimy Sid Non-glow Ghost (NGG), Naughty Nell NGG, Happy Henry NGG, Zielpunkt, Bugs Bunny C Cool Looney Tunes (CLT), Tweety C CLT, Tazmanian Devil B CLT, Daffy Duck D CLT, Sylvester D CLT, Spike C, Psychedelic Flower B, Rainbow Bubbleman Boy, Rainbow Crystal Kooky Zoo, Crystal (CR) Santa D, CR Witch E, CR Icee Bear C, CR Skull C, CR He-Saur, CR She-Saur, CR Fly-Saur, CR I-Saur, Chick in Egg C, Easter Bunny E, Lamb C, Japanese Regulars (pink, gold, white, black, and grey), Glow in the Dark "D" Trucks, Miss Piggy C, Kermit the Frog B, Crazy Animals (CA) Cosy Camel, CA Sugar Shark, CA Freaky Frog, CA Scuba Squid (Octopus), Hulk C, FAO Schwartz Bears (Icee Bear D), and Wolverine
2000 Neon Pink Valentine Heart, Neon Red Valentine Heart, Spiderman C, Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Barney Beetle (Bugz), Florence Flutterfly (Bugz), Catepillar (Bugz), Jumping Jack (Bugz), Ladybug (Bugz), Sam Snuffle (Bugz), Super Bee (Bugz), Worm (Bugz), Charlie Brown B, Lucy B, Woodstock B & C, Snoopy B, Joe Cool (Snoopy C), Peppermint Patty, Chicago Cubs Charlie Brown, and Peter PEZ C!
2001 Baby Bee, Smiley (Wal-Mart), Winnie the Pooh B, Piglet, Tigger, Eyeore, Crystal Psychedelic Eye with GITD Eyeball, Revised Bride, Revised Groom, Chicago Cubs Joe Cool (Snoopy C), Minnesota Twins "TC" Bear (Icee E), Philadelphia Phillies Baseball, Orlando Magic Basketball, Crystal Color Bugz, GITD Skull B, GITD Peter PEZ C, GITD Bubbleman, GITD Icee Bear C, Pikachu (Pokemon), Koffing (Pokemon), Meowth (Pokemon), and Psyduck (Pokemon)!
2002 Philadelphia KIXX Soccer Ball, Washington Wizards Basketball, New Jersey Nets Basketball, Columbus Clippers Baseball, NY Yankees Baseball, Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball, Chicago Cubs Baseball, Chicago Cubs Charlie Brown, E.T., Clone Trooper (Star Wars), R2D2 (SW), Jango Fett (SW), Bob The Builder (BB), Pritchard (BB), Spud (BB), Wendy (BB), GITD Witch, Santa E, Snowman D, Elf, Reindeer, Pink Panther B, and Polar Bear!
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