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Bunny is a rabbit character that comes in many variations and colors.

Dispenser Information

Based on

Traditional Easter character


  • Bunny A
  • Bunny B
  • Bunny C
  • Bunny D
  • Bunny E: "Chocolate Bunny" and "Vanilla Bunny"
  • Bunny F: "Mrs. Bunny"
  • Bunny G: "Floppy Ear Bunny"

Years Produced

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Both no feet and with feet

Patents & Countries

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Collector's Sets

Some variation of the Bunny dispenser can be found in the following collector's packaging:

  • Dylan's Candy Bar Box
  • "Hippity Hoppity" series Egg
  • Mini Egg

Licensed Products

The Bunny character can be found in the following licensed products:

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