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Cow is part of the Kooky Zoo series.

Dispenser Information

On Cow A the eyes and the nose are separate plastic pieces. The version made in Hong Kong has a partial cheek, the one from Austria has a full cheek.

The same mold that was used for Cow B was used for the Yappy Dog dispenser.

Based on

Original PEZ creation


Cow A, B.

Cow A:

  • Blue Head/Red Nose
  • Various Blue Heads/Yellow Nose
  • Green Head/Orange Nose
  • Light Yellow Head/Red Nose
  • Orange Head/Red Nose
  • Purple Head/Yellow Nose
  • Yellow Head/Red Nose

The Green and Purple heads are more rare and can sell for 4-5 times as much as other variations. There is also a rare brown head and a neon yellow head variation.

Cow B:

  • Blue Head/Blue Horns/Peach Snout/Blue Ears
  • Blue Head/Blue Horns/Pink Snout/Blue Ears
  • Blue Head/Yellow Horns/Pink Snout/Blue Ears
  • Dark Blue Head/Yellow Horns/Pink Snout/Blue Ears
  • Green Head/Yellow Horns/Orange Snout/Green Ears
  • Orange Head/Blue Horns/Orange Snout/Blue Ears
  • Orange Head/Blue Horns/Orange Snout/Yellow Ears
  • Orange Head/Blue Horns/Red Snout/Yellow Ears

Years Produced

  • Version A: 1973-1976
  • Version B: 1976-?


Most are no feet. There is a version of Cow A with feet that has a yellow head and yellow snout.

Patents & Countries

  • Country of origin: Austria, Hong Kong


Yellow, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Orange