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MOMC is a designation for Pez dispenser packaging.

Based on

MOMC is an acronym for Mint On Mint Card. It is a way of not only indicating the type of packaging in which the dispenser can be found (on a card), but also the condition of the dispenser (mint), as well as the condition of the card itself. There is no recognized authority which classifies or determines grading so individual collectors or sellers will often use the word "mint" quite liberally. To truly be in mint condition a card should appear to be factory fresh with no signs of handling. In particular, the plastic bubble of a carded dispenser should not be ripped, creased, or dented if it is to be considered mint.

Example of a vintage Mickey Mouse dispenser on a near-mint card (note minor damage to edges of card and hanger hole)

The acronym MOC can sometimes be seen.


Different countries or geographic zones have different card packaging designs.

Other Packaging Types