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No country is a designation for a Pez dispenser that has no origin molded or printed on the stem following the words "Made in."

Information About "No Country"

Based on

The country of origin (where the dispenser was made) is normally indicated at the base of one side of the stem, beneath the words "Made in".


While most Pez dispensers have the country of origin molded into the plastic during stem production along with the patent information and the PEZ name, there are some dispensers that have a Printed Country name on the stem and others that have no country name at all listed.

In Europe, dispensers are not required to show their country of origin as is required in the United States. "No country" dispensers are therefore Pez that were originally sold in the European market.

Years Produced

It appears that "no country" stems can be found on dispensers from the 1980's until the present.


All "no country" stems have normal feet.

Patents & Countries

"No country" stems can be found on dispensers with the 4.9, 5.9 and 7.5 patents.

It is possible to find "no country" stems with IMCs of 1, 5 and 6, indicating that they are made in Hungary, Slovenia and China, respectively. It is possible that some "no country" stems with an IMC of 5 and a 4.9 patent were made in Yugoslavia.


There does not appear to be a specific color associated with "no country" stems.