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PEZ For Pets Beagle

PEZ For Pets is a licensed item shaped like a giant Pez dispenser.

Dispenser Information

The dispenser is approximately 8 inches (20 centimeters) tall and dispenses dog treats, holding a total of six treats.

A package of six treats containing beef, chicken and bacon-flavored treats was packaged with the dispenser. Additional refills were available separately. The treats are intended for dogs only and are not appropriate for human consumption.

The word "Pets" is written in the traditional stylized Pez-brick font used for the PEZ logo.


  • The original release featured the likeness of a beagle sitting atop a red stem with the words "PEZ For Pets" on the stem.
  • A hound dog style head was released a year after the beagle.


  • Beagle: 2009
  • Hound Dog: 2010