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Psychedelic Flower is a flower with an eye in the center of the bloom.

2.6 Psychedelic Flower A

Dispenser Information


There are two main variations of this dispenser, A and B.

Psychedelic Flower A was a flower that came in various color, and in the center was an eye with a green painted iris. The flower colors included red, burgundy, yellow, light pink and dark pink. One side of the stem was blank where a sticker was affixed. There were four different stickers that could be found on these dispensers: Mod Pez, Go Go Pez, and Luv Pez (2 versions).

Psychedelic Flower B is often referred to as the "remake". It was available in four different colored flowers: yellow, pink, purple, and red. Each flower was available with either a green iris on an orange stem or a blue iris on a green stem.

The difference between A and B is that the B Flower is quite a bit larger and the iris is molded plastic rather than painted.

Years Produced

  • Psychedelic Flower A was produced in the late 1960's.
  • Psychedelic Flower B was produced in the late 1990s through the early 2000s


Both Psychedelic Flower A and B are no-feet dispensers.

Patents & Countries

  • All Psychedelic Flower As are 2.6 Austria stems.
  • All Psychedelic Eye Bs are 4.9 Hungary stems.


The Psychedelic Flower B is available on green and orange stems.

Other Interesting Information

The Psychedelic B's were sold directly from Pezco through inserts and their website.