Roar the Lion

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Roar the Lion a.k.a. Lion with Crown

A selection of Lions

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Based on

Original PEZ creation


The head is comprised of five separate pieces: the eye/mouth piece that forms the base for the other pieces, hair/mane, face, mustache, and crown. Each piece is available in numerous colors giving rise to a vast number of final color combinations.

Crown colors:

  • White, Yellow, Red

Eye colors:

  • Brown, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange

Face colors:

  • Green, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Yellow, Red, Turquoise, Aqua

Mustache colors:

  • Black, Green, Yellow,

Mane Colors:

  • Blue, Black, Orange, Dark Brown, Light Brown

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Patents & Countries

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Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow

Licensed Products

Products with this character include: