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Santa Claus is one of the oldest character dispensers.

Full Body Santa
Santa B
Santa C
Santa E

Dispenser Information

Based on

Traditional Christmas character


  • Full Body Santa
  • Santa A: Small head with long white beard that covers a portion of the stem, red hat.
  • Santa B: Very small head, smaller beard than A and flesh colored face and red hat.
  • Santa C: most common Santa (production started in the 1970's), Bigger head than previous versions with full beard, flesh face and red hat. Hat and beard were originally removable pieces. This Santa comes in the many variations. NF and WF, closed eyes (NF or WF), open/painted eyes (WF only). This Santa was also available for a short time with a loop on his hat so he could be made into an ornament.
  • Santa D: Santa D looks pretty much like Santa C, and some features of "D" may be found on "C" and vice versa. Santa D is usually classified by having a single mold head (pieces are not removable), painted eyes, and most likely a higher patent number. This Santa also came in misfit varieties and a crystal clear head.
  • Santa E: Much bigger head, glasses, a Jolly look about him, a pointier beard. Very different from Santa C +D.
  • Santa F: Slightly smaller head than version E. This version can be differentiated by the glasses which are rounded and painted grey.

Years Produced

1950s - current


  • Full Body has its feet molded into the form;
  • A, B are always no feet;
  • C can be found with and without feet;
  • D, E and F are always with feet.

Patents & Countries

Nearly all patent numbers from 2.6 on and most countries, because he has been around for so long.


  • Red, Misfit versions and crystal head can come in green, pink, yellow, tan, blue and others.
  • Santa E also can be found with snowflakes on his stem

Licensed Products

Pez-related products featuring Santa Claus include:


Santa Claus can be found in the following collector's packaging: