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Patent numbers are one of several identifying characteristics inscribed on most Pez dispensers, along with the country of origin, IMC and lot number.

United States Patent Numbers


Patent numbers, when present, can be found on one side of the dispenser, towards the bottom, beneath the country of origin and (usually) the words "U.S. Patent." United States patents are seven-digit numbers in the format 1,234,567.

Collectors do not refer to the entire patent number, but rather an abbreviated version composed of the first two numbers separated by a decimal point and not a comma, as in the full patent number. For example: 3,942,683 is referred to as "3.9," 4,966,305 as "4.9" and so on.

Because of the dates the various patents were issued, the patent number can be a way to tell the relative age of a dispenser.

2.6 Patent

  • Full number: 2,620,061
  • Issued: 1952
  • Name: Pocket article dispensing container
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3.3 Patent

  • Full number: 3,370,746A
  • Issued: 1968
  • Name: Dispenser for tablets
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Used for the "Candy Shooter" gun made in Austria and the Space Gun made in the 1980's.

3.4 Patent

  • Full number: 3,410,455
  • Issued: 1968
  • Name: Dispensing Device for tablets
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3.8 Patent

  • Full number: 3,845,882
  • Issued: 1974
  • Name: Spring cage for use in a tablet dispensing receptacle
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3.9 Patent

  • Full number: 3,942,683
  • Issued: 1976
  • Name: Tablet dispensing receptacle
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4.9 Patent

  • Full number: 4,966,305
  • Issued: 1990
  • Name: Tablet dispenser
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5.9 Patent

  • Full number: 5,984,285
  • Issued: 1999
  • Name: Plastic spring
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7.5 Patent

  • Full number: 7,523,841
  • Issued: 2009
  • Name: Tray for storing and individually dispensing tablets
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No Patent

Some dispensers made at the approximate time of the 3.9 patent have no patent number molded onto the stem. This only occurs on dispensers with no feet, made between the mid 1970's and mid 1980's. Dispensers with this particularity are referred to as "3.9 no patent" dispensers.

Foreign Patent Numbers

Box Patent

This is the first patent designation that can be found on Pez dispensers, prior to the 2.6 patent number. The words BOX PATENT appear on the dispenser, above a flower-like symbol. The Box Patent is only found on regular dispensers. The ones that bear this designation are referred to as "Box regulars."


DBP stands for Deutsches Bundes Patent, which means "German Federal Patent," indicating that the dispenser was made in Germany. The full text of what appears on the dispenser is DBP 818.829.

Italian Patent

The designation BREV. ITAL., an abbreviation of brevetto italiano or "Italian patent" can be found on dispensers made in Italy, along with the patent number 461.637.

Mexican Patent

Dispensers made in Mexico are marked with Patent NR 141.242 underneath the words Hecho en Mexico. Some dispensers can be found with just the designation "Hecho en Mexico" and no patent number.