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Country of origin is a means of determining where a particular dispenser was produced.

Most Pez dispensers have the country of origin clearly molded on one side of the dispenser. However, some dispensers have a Printed Country name. For dispensers that have No Country listed on the stem, the IMC can be used to help determine where the dispenser was made.

Common Countries of Origin

  • Austria
  • China
  • Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Yugoslavia / Jugoslavia / Slovenia

Rare Countries of Origin

  • Brazil: Some Pez dispensers include the designation Industria Brasileira or Ind. Brasileira instead of the usual "Made in" followed by the name of the country.
  • Germany
  • Germany (U.S. Zone): Only original regular dispensers bear the US Zone designation. These were made in Germany, as the full designation Made in Germany / U.S. Zone attests. These dispensers were made after World War II, in the area of Germany controlled by the United States.
  • Spain
  • USA: Some Pez dispensers with the 3.8 patent were made in the state of Vermont