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The Regular was the earliest dispenser produced by PEZ

A Japanese issue New Regular on card

Dispenser Information


There are several major types of regulars:

  • Ad Regulars - Feature printed logos or advertising marks for various companies. The ads can be found for both major name companies such as Bosch and Walgreen's as well as regional promotions such as KSD TV in St Louis. Ads for for PEZ or PEZ-Haas are among the most common. Some extremely-rare variations include Ben-Hur (two known examples) and Lonicot (two known).
  • Arithmetic - A mail-away premium, this regular features two cutouts on the stem and a printed paper on the inner sleeve with a series of numbers. By sliding the sleeve in and out it was possible to perform multiplication and division problems.
  • Box Patent - These second-generation dispensers are similar to the Trademark versions, with just a change in wording. This is the earliest of the various patent numbers for Pez dispensers.
  • Box Trademark - The earliest regular, these feature the words "BOX TRADEMARK" on one side below the PEZ logo.
  • Comet - Extremely rare regular with a die-cut picture of a comet or shooting star on the side.
  • Golden Glow - A mail-away premium with gold finish.
  • New regulars - Mid-1990s reissue, these will always have a squared-off cap
  • Personalized regulars - These 1950s-era regulars have a sticker on the side which could be scratched to inscribe a name or other personalization.
  • Retro regulars - Early-2000s reissue styled to match the earliest regulars. They can be distinguished by the newer patent numbers (4.9)
  • Silver Glow - Early-1990s regular featuring a silver finish.
  • US Zone - Similar to other vintage regulars, except that these are printed with "Made in Germany US Zone" in the place of the patent numbers.
  • Vintage regulars - Produced from the early 1950s until the introduction of the first character dispensers. These regulars can be found in a huge variety of color combinations. There are a few unusual variations such as the disposable regular (pre-filled and intended to be used only once), the locking cap regular, and the oversize or long regular.
  • Visitor Center Premiums - A version of the New regulars Sold exclusively at the PEZ Visitor Center in Orange, Connecticut on a special card.
  • Witch regular - Orange regular with a picture of a witch riding a broomstick screen-printed on both sides.

Years Produced

Late 1940s-1970s, 1990s - 2000s


All regulars have no feet

Patents & Countries

2.6,3.4,3.9,4.9. Austria, Germany, Hungary


Regulars produced up until the 1960s can be found on virtually any stem color including transparent, semi-transparent and swirled variations.