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Lot number is a code molded into the stem of the dispenser, similar to the injection mold code (IMC) and the patent numbers.

Information About Lot Number

Basic Information

The lot number is used to designate the exact placement in the mold where that particular stem was produced. It can be found on the underside of the foot of many Pez dispensers.

The lot number is usually a two-part code, either a two digit number, a number followed by a letter or a letter followed by a number.


  • Some lot numbers are only a single digit, either on the left or the right side of the foot.
  • Some lot numbers are three digits.
  • Some lot numbers include Roman numerals (I, IV, VI, VII, VIII)

Years Produced

Lot numbers started to appear around 1989.


Since lot numbers appear on the bottom of the dispenser's foot, only dispensers with feet have lot numbers.

Patents & Countries

Lot numbers began to appear on Pez dispensers with the 4.9 patent. However, not all 4.9 dispensers have lot numbers.

Dispensers from China, Hungary and Slovenia have lot numbers, as well as dispensers with No Country indicated on the stem whose IMC number indicates that they come from these countries.


All stem colors may have lot numbers