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Sparefroh B

Sparefroh is German for "Happy Saver."

Dispenser Information

Sparefroh is considered a "premium" dispenser. Sparefroh is German for "Happy Saver."

October 31st of each year in Europe is World Savings Day, when everyone is encouraged to save money at banks, which is why there is a coin glued to the front of version A. The dispenser was a gift or promotional item given to children who put money in their bank accounts on that day.

Based on

An advertising character used by banks in Germany and Austria to promote saving.


  • Sparefroh A must have the coin to be considered complete. There are 2 versions of Sparefroh A that have inscriptions:
    • "Deine Sparkasse" (more common)
    • "110 Jahre Allgemeine Sparkasse in Linz" (the rarer version)
  • Sparefroh B: A new footed version

Years Produced

  • A: 1970's
  • B: 2009


  • A: No feet
  • B: With red painted feet

Patents & Countries

  • A: Information needed
  • B: 5.9 / China


  • Green

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