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Witch A
Witch C or 3-Piece
Witch D
Witch E

Witch is one of the earliest character dispensers

Dispenser Information

Based on

Original PEZ, Inc. creation


Witch A, B, three-piece witch / C, D, E, F

One of the earliest character dispensers, witch can be found in numerous head and color variations. Witch A and B are very similar in appearance, however revision B has slightly larger hat. Revision B is considered to be very rare.

Witch C or Three-piece witch is so called because the hat and hair are three separate pieces. This version in particular is available in numerous different color combinations. It was replaced in 1991 by Witch D, which shares the same basic head design, but is made from a single piece of plastic. Version D is also available in clear crystal and a number of different head color variations, some of which were sold by mail-order as "misfit" colors.

Witch E was released in the mid-2000s and features a completely redesigned look. The stem glows in the dark and has black bats printed on the side.

Witch F was released in 2011 and can be distinguished by its yellow teeth and purple hat.

Years Produced

Late 1950's - current


  • Revisions A & B are always no feet.
  • Three-piece witch can be found both with no feet and with feet.
  • Witch C and onwards are all with feet.

Patents & Countries

  • 2.6, 3.4, 3.9, 4.9, 5.9
  • Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, China


  • Revisions A & B are always found on black stems.
  • Three-piece witch and revision D can be found on numerous different stem colors.
  • Revision E is always on a white stem with black bats printed on the side.

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