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Body Parts are accessory pieces that can be attached to any standard dispenser.

Caveman Body Parts on US Card
Russian Body Parts (Indian)

Accessory Information

First Set

The first set of body parts was released in 1995 and consists of the following:

  • Grim Reaper - skeleton with sickle
  • Hockey Player - red outfit with white and blue trim; red shoes; brown hockey stick
  • Knight - silver armor; large sword. See also Knight dispenser.
  • Maid - purple outfit with painted white lace; blue pitcher; purple shoes
  • Nurse - white outfit; white shoes; blue first aid bag; Red Cross badge painted on outfit. See also Nurse dispenser.
  • Robin Hood - bow and arrow; light green shoes; light green tunic with dark green stitching
  • Tarzan - light flesh-colored with painted hairy chest; orange and black spotted loin cloth; knife; human feet
  • Woman - red dress; blue purse; blue shoes; red necklace

Second Set

A second set was released in 1996:

  • Cavalry Officer - blue body with uniform markings; boots; bugle
  • Caveman - flesh-colored body; painted on loin cloth; club
  • Convict - gray body with black stripes; ball and chain
  • Cowgirl - red body with western markings; rope
  • Robot/Spaceman - silver body; box wrench hands; 3-color space gun. See also Robot and Spaceman dispensers.
  • Roman Gladiator - green body with plate armor; shield and spear. See also Roman Soldier dispenser.

Holiday Sets

A Christmas set was released which includes Santa D, Santa body, boots, six packs of candy, and a fold-out Christmas display.

An Easter set was released which includes Bugs Bunny B on a red stem, white feet, a gray body with a white painter's smock with blue and yellow splotches, white arms, a painter's palette, brush, six packs of candy, and a fold-out Easter scene.

Promotional Sets

Several promotional sets were released on "PEZ Play World" double cards. There are four distinct body parts in this set. However, each could be found packaged with one of several different unique dispensers.

  • Aral
  • Shell
  • Pilot
  • Mariner

"Russian" Set

In 1999, a set of body parts was planned to be released in Eastern Europe but never made it to retail in any significant quantities. These are commonly called "Russian body parts" and are considered very difficult to find:

  • Biker (Outlaw)
  • General (Polizei)
  • Indian
  • Sheriff
  • Soccer Player