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Incredible Hulk A
Incredible Hulk B
Incredible Hulk C
Incredible Hulk D

Incredible Hulk is the superhero identity of Bruce Banner.

Dispenser Information

Based on

Marvel Comics The Incredible Hulk


  • Hulk A was available in both light and dark green versions. The dark green version has black hair and is always no feet. The light green version has green hair and is available both no feet and with feet.
  • Hulk B has a slightly larger and rounder head.
  • Hulk C features a dramatically restyled look.
  • Hulk D

Years Produced

  • A: 1970's
  • B: 1991
  • C: 1999
  • D: 2009


  • A: Both no feet and with feet
  • Hulk B and onwards are only available footed.

Patents & Countries

  • 4.9
  • China, Hong Kong, Hungary


Light & Dark Green, Purple, Pink (light green head B version)

Licensed Products

Other Dispensers

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