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Spider-Man is the superhero identity of Peter Parker.

Spiderman A

Dispenser Information

Based on

Marvel Comics Spider-Man


Spiderman A, B, C, D

  • Spider-Man A is available both with and without the "web" lines on the back half of his head. The latter is much more difficult to find. Also, Spiderman A without "web" lines on back of head will be found on a 3.4 Hong Kong stem.
  • Spider-Man B shares the same basic design but with a larger head.
  • Spider-Man C was released in 2000 with a much larger head.
  • Spider-Man D was released in 2009 with a very slightly smaller head than C, but with a more pronounced curve to the face.

Years Produced

1970s - current


Spider-Man A is available both no feet and with feet. All others are footed.

Patents & Countries

3.4, 3.9, 4.9, Austria, China, Hungary, Hong Kong


Red, Blue (versions C & D)

Licensed Products

Other Dispensers

Marvel Superheroes