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The four most common Space Troopers

Space Trooper a.k.a. Robot is a full body dispenser. See also Robot Body Parts.

Dispenser Information

Based on

Original PEZ creation


One of the earliest dispensers, the Space Trooper is one of only two full-body designs. "PEZ" is written on the back of the dispenser.

It was not a good seller and was only available at retail for about a year.[1] Space Troopers were sold loose, without packaging or candy. The production cost for the relatively-complicated design of the full-body dispensers was high compared to the earlier Regulars, and as such they were sold without candy. The dispenser was sold in a counter box which held 12 dispensers.

Advertising sheets for the Space Gun which was introduced the same year as the Space Trooper show various troopers "from 6 planets invading earth" and featured several promotional lines[2]:

  • Spacemen from Venus shoot PEZ Anise bullets
  • Spacemen from Mars shoot PEZ Lemon bullets
  • Spacemen from Jupiter shoot PEZ Lime bullets
  • Spacemen from Saturn shoot PEZ Cherry bullets
  • Spacemen from Uranus shoot PEZ Orange bullets
  • Spacemen from Neptune shoot PEZ Peppermint bullets

There is a very rare stand for the Space Trooper - an advertising piece created for the Ford Motor Company.

Years Produced



Molded into the design

Patents & Countries

Country of origin: Made in Austria


Red, light blue, dark blue, yellow

A very rare gold version exists, but was never produced in quantity for general sale [1]

An extremely rare thin version was also never released for general sale.


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